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shipping destiel through hell, earth, purgatory and heaven

Sammy is my little brother, Cas is my baby bird, Dean is my everything and Misha Collins is the most important being in the entire universe


14.5% Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, In the flesh, Game of Thrones, 0.5% Sherlock, The Hunger Games, HP, Les Mis and Divergent

semi hiatus
because of uni; I'm usually online at 9pm-midnight GMT+1

my time

watching: doctor who s8, Teen wolf s4, Sailor Moon Crystal, Buffy S2
reading: A Game of Thrones, Shingeki no Kyojin manga
working on: uni exams

waiting for

supernatural s10, in the flesh s3 (it happening okay), ointb s3, sherlock s4, Got s5, faking it s2, a ton of movies it's not even funny

1. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
2. Counting Stars - OneRepublic
3. Bad Company - Bad Company
4. Stars - The xx
5. Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy
6. Marchin on - OneRepublic
7. Sorrowing Man - City and Colour
8. Always Gold - Radical Face
9. Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
10. Across the Universe - Scorpions
11. Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile
12. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
13. Absolution - The Pretty Reckless

[ We all love to sing along
To the sound of the bird that mourns. ]
big bird
in a small cage

Theme Rules
1. Respect the credits and the time I spent on my themes
This means don't remove nor move the credit to a secondary page or whatever. Please like/reblog the theme post if you're using a theme!
2. There are rules for asking for help, too
In the beginning I had the time to help out everyone who asked, now I simply can't anymore :( I'm sorry but this is how it is. I have an html help tag (check my sidebar!) with my published asks and some more, and most questions I receive can be solved by that alone or some googling on your part. Click the 'u' in the theme rules title to see my themes. If you still have questions, please check my askbox to see if I'm taking asks at the moment (I could not because of hiatus or exams) and ask ahead if I am! If already answered in my html help tag or asked when I'm not taking questions, asks will simply be ignored - I'm truly sorry but I don't have all this time :(
3. No snippets without asking or giving me the credit
I've seen people taking snippets of my themes but giving me the credit. That's okay - you can avoid asking if you credit me. On the contrary, if you don't feel like giving me the credit you must ask. I'm probably gonna say yes anyway but at least it's nice to know! c:
4. Experiment
You are free to edit away as long as you keep the credit and don't redistribute what you make using my themes. HTML is fun and editing your own theme is the best way to learn! c:

"So what, Zach zapped you up here to see how bad it gets?"
"I guess."
5x04 The End

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THEME #11 - borealis

it’s not even October yet and I’m here striving for wintery weather and cold wind and sweaters so here, borealis (latin for northern).

looks better in Chrome, Opera or Safari - even though it works fine with other browsers as well


  1. Custom sidebar image is 180px wide;
  2. option to hide/show post captions;
  3. Tags are showing on hover;
  4. Up to 8 custom links - they won’t show if you don’t use all of them;
  5. Posts are 400px or 500px wide;
  6. reblog button on each post;
  7. Everything is super easy to edit in the Appearance section: it means you don’t need to change the code!


  • Don’t remove the credit never ever EVER;
  • DON’T take snippets without giving me the credit;
  • As long as you do this, feel free to edit away! :)
  • Ask me if you need anything/have suggestions about the theme!

Please LIKE / REBLOG if you are / are planning to use it - or if you just like it :)


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Sam Winchester being pretty in Death takes a holiday 4.15

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spn caps 3/?

"The most important object in pretty much the whole universe."

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Supernatural - locations and scenery [1/?]
↳ Lloyd’s Bar

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► it’s the angels! they’re falling.

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But you will remember me for centuries… 

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"We’ve been through much together, you and I."

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let’s all just take a moment to thank the lord for misha collins

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deanlirium      ✿
Dean is one happy cute human and I'm not in denial you're in denial what are you talking about

recovery kit